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Whether you're an outdoor enthusiast, environmental activist, or just someone who cares about the quality of drinking water, you have a stake in the health of the rivers and streams, wetlands and forests, meadows and marshes that make up the Taunton River watershed. Join TRWA and help protect your watershed.

YES! I Want to join the Taunton River Watershed Alliance --- and help save our rivers, wetlands, wildlife, water supplies and related natural resources.

Name ___________________________________
Mailing Address ___________________________
E-mail Address____________________________
City/Town _______________________________
State __________________ Zip _____________
Phone (    ) _________ Best time to Call______
Your yearly Membership contributions- and any extra tax-deductible donations you may make enable the Taunton River Watershed Alliance to carry out education, awareness, water quality monitoring and citizen action programs.

Please print this form, check the type membership and mail it with your check to TRWA P.O. Box 146, Bridgewater, MA 02342
__ $ 10 Student/Over 65  __ $15 Individual     
__ $25 Family  __ $ 50 Supporter   __ $100 Sustainer
__ $ 250 Benefactor
My area of interest is:___________________ _______________________________________
__ $ 50 Small Business/Organization
__ $ 100 Business/Organization
Contact Person:____________________________


Taunton River Watershed Alliance, Inc.

P.O. Box 146 Bridgewater, MA 02324
Phone: 508-697-5700    Fax: 508-697-3375